Adult Hookup Reviews

Adult Hookup Reviews

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For those into no strings attached dating, then is one of the best places to find some company for casual adult dating. If getting to see a hot and sexy lady or man perform on the webcam for you, while you pleasure yourself on this end is something that you like, and then you definitely should have a look at The site has been created very magnificently, and once you become a member, getting yourself an erotic date or encounter is not at all that difficult. This adult dating website is very user-friendly and dummy-proof to boot. Practically everybody can reach out to each other, and if you like what you see, arrange for something spicy, that’s how it works. It is essentially a free adult dating website; however, if you’re pleased with the results, you can always opt for a paid membership, which unlocks a host of new features guaranteed to fetch better results.


There are a host of features on this free adult dating and no strings attached dating site. Some of these features include;

  • Searches for women can be done using a ton of different criteria, once again, bolstering your chances of a good match. Some of these search filters are location, age, ethnic background, interests, and fetishes, as well as online members.
  • The best part is that the women you’ll find here are not uptight and will not act pricey. They are quite friendly and relatively easy to chat up.
  • There is a banner on the top of the site. It has a link to some features of the site like email as well as flirt notifications. Hence, as soon as you get the notification, you can get down to business, by quickly navigating yourself out of the banner; no need to look in-depth each time you log in.
  • The women you find here are quite real, legitimate, and very, very hot. This can be judged from their profiles and the way they quickly respond to your texts, something unlike other adult dating sites. On other sites, most of the beautiful women are fake Barbie dolls; put up by the admin or someone with a really low sense of self-esteem.
  • The free membership is good enough to get you in contact with some great-looking women who will be just as willing in shacking up for the weekend. You don’t necessarily need to be a paid member to have sex with another member of this site.
  • makes a promise that you’ll be successful in getting yourself laid; the main objective of joining this site. Not many sites can promise to do this, and only hint at a broad chance of success.
  • The status of a member can be seen easily. You can tell if the woman is online, busy, available for chatting, or if she would like a private cam session or share some nude pictures with you.
  • There is a significant lack of pop-up advertisements and banners which are annoying to say the least, and make your browsing history tiresome.
  • If you upgrade to a paid membership, you’ll have better chances of getting laid or whatever was on your mind!
  • This free adult dating website guarantees you that if, being a paid member, you are unable to get laid in three months, and they will return the membership money. Not many sites can claim to do so. However good the guarantee is, the reality is that you will not need to revoke the membership, it’s pretty much a done deal and you’ll get a lot of connections once you become a paid member.


The features of this site are practical as well as simple. If you complete your profile (advisable), then you’ll get a full list of all the matches within proximity. According to what you would like to have for the day, adjust the search parameters which include;

  • Country
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexual preferences
  • Distance and location
  • Body type
  • Relocation flexibility
  • Drinking and smoking preferences

There is a feature called “Hottest Member” which can let you be sure if you’re spending your time with a chatbot or a real human. The neatest option on this site is the “Who’s on Cam?” section. Here, you can virtually see a sex show, where the respective member on the other end displays her wares like you on a private webcam session. Once the novelty of the virtually induced “hotness” wears off, you’ll find that more often than not, a physical encounter will be set up that makes all that waiting worthwhile.


The first subscription is a one-day trial pack that comes at $.98. Then we have silver membership for 24.95 per month ($8.33 /12 months) and then a Gold Membership that will cost you $34.95. However, it is suggested that you go for their 18-month gold deal that offers you membership at a mere $6.67 a month.


You can pay through your credit or debit card, Visa, or MasterCard. All standard modes of payment are accepted.


As always, you need to be a bit circumspect while dealing with your personal data over the internet with a third party. The site guarantees protection of your account information, at the same time advising you to be wary of shifty people. As far as webcam privacy goes, well you know how that works, it either does or doesn’t, the girl may be turned off and block you and leave in search of better mates.

Verdict: is one of the best places to be on; if hands-on- sex is what is on your mind and your testosterone has been soaring all day. It is like a huge stockpile or arsenal or porn stats, and a lot of interracial banging takes place on this adult dating site. Sometimes, a happy-go-lucky person has also found their long-term partners from based on their casual dating experiences. If not for anything else, visit and become a free member to enjoy some raunchy action.



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