Adult Matchmaker Australia Reviews

Adult Matchmaker Australia Reviews

Visit Website is probably Australia’s largest adult dating site and has been running since 2005. Winner of the Eros Shine Awards, they already boast over 2,500,000 members. Single men and women are quite career-centric nowadays, and this leaves them with little time for a long term relationship and all the attention and time it deserves. For such people, low-key affairs are quite the flavour of the season, provided you establish a few ground rules. Sites like are catering to this very demand and by the looks of it, doing a good job while they’re about it. This no strings attached website attracts a fair number of people with varying sexual interests, and this adult dating website also makes sure your privacy isn’t up for grabs as well. This free adult dating website with chances of a full membership, if you like it, is filled with a host of features that allow you to get in touch with a lot of kinky and adventurous people, and also allow them to find you if they want.Features:

  • Once you register as a member, you’ll be asked to fill out necessary fields like a title to add to your profile picture, which would give other members a teaser line kinda thing.
  • The “About Me” field gives you adequate space to be as discreet or as free as you want.
  • There’s another field, where you describe your “ideal” partner. This helps in securing a match quicker.
  • There’s a field for appearance, and here you can literally paint your picture, with detailed sections like height, weight, body type, eyes, hair, and tattoos as well, even where the tattoos are located.
  • Another field for any kind of piercings you may have and where.
  • Body and pubic hair (a sure turn on).
  • For the guys the length of your endowment, along with its girth, there’s a field where you need to specify whether you’re circumcised or not as well.
  • Your lifestyle choices to display include how sedentary you are, and there are lots of descriptive tags to fit this bill. Then there’s the drinking and smoking preferences, and THE most important field, do you practice safe sex? This is something that even a pastor may lie about, so when viewing other’s profiles, do take this part with a pinch of salt.
  • Personal details include ethnicity, your specific type of personality, and your star sign as well. Then you have the children section and the work and education section, which doesn’t really bother you much, as a college degree is not much good in bed.
  • The most interesting part here is the “interests” section, with all types of sex on the menu. And what’s more, you can add your kinky tastes and diversions as well, describing them, so that you get a few takers.
  • There is a male to female ratio of 56:44 which is pretty healthy, meaning the guys do have to slug it out for a female’s attention, good in a kind of way, it adds to the fun.
  • Over 30,000 people login daily on a regular basis on this popular adult dating website.
  • A statistical survey showed the average age of a woman here at 32.5 years and that of a male at 30.7 years. This is a healthy age difference, and you should not be the least surprised to see nymphomaniac cougars on the prowl here. The bulk of members are in the age group of 35 to 44 years.
  • This adult dating website recognizes your needs and tries to fulfill them; for example, you can post as explicit a picture as you want, without censure, or be quite discreet about it, going around with the MILF in the neighborhood to motels with no one else the wiser. The privacy function allows this tweaking of explicitness.


When you look up a member’s profile on this adult dating website, you’ll have a lot of detailed information to look up before contacting the individual, thanks to the detailed profile section that some other dating sites lack in. So you know exactly what to expect should you get a response to your invitation based on a “wink”. In case you fail to elect a response from that person, you do not get credit for it. You also have access to a chat room filled with lots of people with sex on their minds, so be ready for some pretty stimulating conversation; no one’s going to ask about the weather here. All the winks you send are free, and so are the requests for private chats. As soon as you get an ideal partner for the moment from this website, you could choose to correspond through this no strings adult dating site, or take the relationship offline, in order to get more privacy.


Free services:

  • Member search
  • Viewing community notices
  • Sending winks to other members
  • 4 messages a day for a standard member
  • All replies to chats and messages are free

Then you have Premium services where a fee is required in exchange for additional facilities;

Silver Members (with unlimited chat room success)

  • 12 months@$12.91/month
  • 6 months@179.99/month
  • 3 months@$25.65/month
  • 1 month@ 53.95

Gold members (12 messages/day, unlimited chat, community notice posting and unlimited number of chat requests)

  • 12 months = $18.33/month
  • 6 months = $25.49/month
  • 3 months = $36.65/month
  • 1 month = $74.95

Platinum members ( 25 new messages every day, unlimited amount of chat requests, usage of the chat room and posting on community boards too)

  • 12 months = $26.16/month
  • 6 months = $36.99/month
  • 3 months = $52.32/month
  • 1 month = $107.95


Payments can be made through a credit card, money order, or BPAY. Keep note of the fact that a subscription renews when you don’t cancel it in time, and a good way to do this is to go to the account settings and the payment details section, all need to do there is disable auto-renewal.


If a no holds barred, and kinky site is your destination, here it is. You have options to indulge in one on ones, group sex as well as orgies, receiving and giving anal sex, handcuffs, spanking, giving and receiving oral sex, sex in public or outdoors, and sex involving sex toys; everything’s on the menu here.


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