Ashley Madison Reviews

Ashley Madison Reviews

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With a tagline that goes as “life is short, have an affair”, doesn’t pretend to beat about the bush when it comes to promoting adultery and affairs. It is run from Canada and to date has over 36 million members on its user base, that’s quite impressive, but with what offers its subscribers; a chance for an exclusive fling, free membership for women, heaps of adult dating, it’s only to be expected. It is one of the best free adult dating sites around, and if you subscribe, you’ll be in for some no strings attached dating for sure.

In depth: sign-up and login;

As a first-time user, you have to declare your gender as female or male, (you don’t need to pay for a membership if you’re a female, resulting in a small everyday problem of fake profiles being created. However, these do not take much time to weed out, and life goes on. Those on these adult dating sites have to express their choice of a sexual partner, male, female, trans, everything goes. And a lot of people have been known to try out same-sex relationships on this website. Especially the women, who don’t pay a penny, it still pinches me! Following this, there’s about a thirty-second signup process on this fling site, where you are expected to choose a unique username (preferably not something you use in real life) as well as a password. Then we go on to enter other statistics, like birthdays, location, an opening greeting, as well as the kind of interaction desired.

Other fields:

Here’s the difficult part, you do have to be a bit truthful here, as you’re entering vital body statistics, and any false data will be caught out, stick to the facts and fill in your body type, weight, height, as well as ethnicity. You’ll also allow you to post a profile picture to attract chicks for one of the best adult dating websites out there, and a short bio, describing yourself and your interests will help draw these MILF’s to you.


  • Very easy to use interface, making it a walk in the park even for the uninitiated. The menu is extremely user-friendly, probably a hangover from the days of yore when the site was set up, to enhance connectivity between members. Options like “view profile” as well as “manage profile “makes it easy to find someone on your wish list.
  • There is a feedback section for the members, and here you have nine different fields to rank other members in nine different areas. These also include titillating responses like “worth the time”, and “fantasy pursuer”. On top of this, there are ZERO advertisements, which streamline the browsing experience and make you spend less time on the app or website, leaving time to check your mail.
  • The founders of this no strings attached dating site took pains to ensure that user confidentiality is maintained throughout, at the highest level. Adult dating sites like, with a reputation to protect, perform background checks using profile ID’s instead of user names. This is a new and improved method, where the fields that the user marks in bold are never revealed to another user, another measure of trust. You will also have the option to delete unwanted pictures from your profile if you so wish.
  • The best part of is its innumerable profile fields, and it’s pretty intuitive, with checkboxes besides options like,” Secret Nest of Love seeking a baby”, “ good with hands/tongue”, “kinky funny” and tons more.  As with other adult dating websites, there are also extended profile checkboxes you have to read carefully, lest a kinky and hot babe slip out your hands because you forgot to check the “Interested in MILF’s” section, for example. There’s also a part that is headed with “what turns me on”, and here you can let your imagination run riot, and do not make pretenses, it is better to be open with your lover in a clandestine affair about choices and preferences. Once again, scores above other websites because it lets other members answer your questions in the profile section. There’s also an auto-matching option that brings people of similar tastes together.

Members& Messaging:

As a user on this intimate and no holds barred sex website, you’ll be able to seek out others with the use of tools like searches, filtering by distance, age, and also the last login, an important thing to consider, because you need to know if the user’s been dormant for a while. You can start or initiate contact with a simple gift, a message, or chat. Hell, you can even make a video call; it doesn’t get better than this. A lot of very kinky fantasies are played out between members, spicing things up. You also have the “traveling woman/Travelling Man” option, where you can access people in the areas you visit.


The costs of membership at are a bit different from that of other conventional websites. You need to procure a credit package, starting at $4.99 for 100 credits and work off them. As mentioned earlier, women are encouraged to join for free, and this is doubtlessly to increase the male footfall. Here you will not find a subscription system, and what success you achieve will have to be earned off your credits and style of chat and messaging to hook up with no strings attached women. But if you’re good with your words, and a little vocal foreplay, you stand a good chance of scoring off your credits.

Conclusion: is an excellent site for single men, married ones as well as women. It offers discreetness at an unprecedented level, far above those of other sites like and It scores high on connectivity, the quality of the members, functionality, and ease of access. It has got excellent ratings in customer satisfaction, the ultimate judge of the success of any website.


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