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Fling.com is widely touted as the world’s best adult dating site. This is definitely quite a bold statement to make in the face of so many online competitors, but Fling.com seems to have secured its own faithful, having thousands of followers on Twitter and a member base of over a million. This site is slowly but surely coming up the ranks in the cut-throat market of casual no strings attached dating. When you give it a first glance, the little pictures and signup window will not leave a particularly good impression, but once you actually open ling.com, do you get to see its grand designs; it does NOT rely on anything flashy or flamboyant to pull in members by the dozen. All it does is offer genuine photographs of the sexier members, and you have the option of connecting or not. This is truly hat you would call a “bare bones” approach, and it works really well, without the added distractions of banners and pop ups. The social media presence of Fling.com as an adult dating site is awesome.


Fling.com has remembered the fact that the features, rather than the aesthetics are what eventually help the site grow. Therefore you are allowed to go through a ton of local profiles before you even make up your mind about joining the site as a member. The signup process is easy and takes a few minutes, keep some time aside for writing some interesting stuff about yourself that would increase the chances of a hit, and here you really cannot hold back. It’s either everything or nothing; nobody’s going to arrange a date with you and go back home after dinner. Action between the sheets is what is in the air here. You get to choose a password as well as a username, and try to create a good username, it helps. You will also be asked about what kind of relationship you are comfortable with; and it can be anything from long distance, new experiences, casual encounters, or group activities and orgies. Same-sex encounters are all too common here as well. Some other features of this site are;

  • Free membership
  • Browsing of local profiles before joining
  • A lot of social media exposure and presence
  • The “Who’s Cute” game, which provides you a featured profile for 24 hours, if you can choose which member you find the cutest in groups of eight until you reach 200 members. This increases to a featured profile for an entire week for 400 members browsed and to a month for eight hundred members. So theoretically speaking, you can go on getting featured forever, until the site is on the net or till your balls fall off, whichever comes first.
  • It is also available as a mobile app, and hence people who have to commute can make use of the app to get access to other members. Smartphone traffic has overshadowed desktop traffic by leaps and bounds, and it only makes sense that Fling.com keeps up with the changing times.
  • Customer service is provided 24/7 and this is a great boon, with increasing traffic and numerous other problems that may crop up during using the app, like sign-in problems for a paid membership.
  • With a silver membership, you have the option to perform an advanced search using filters, send as well as receive messages, options for video chats, and options for a one on one session as well.
  • With gold membership, you will be able to have your profile featured in all search results, a huge boon.
  • The real icing on the cake with silver and gold memberships is that they guarantee to return your money if you fail to get laid within a three-month period of subscription. So you will really not have much to lose out on anyway as you’ll be reimbursed within three months in the improbable scenario of a failure.


Fling.com has a ranking of #2 out of 117 in dating sites quite impressive. Most of the visitors are from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you’re in the hunt for a desirable partner, all you need to do is enter some search parameters based on filters like;

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Sexual preferences
  • Location
  • Weight
  • Colour of hair
  • Marriage status
  • Country and ethnicity
  • Flexibility to relocate
  • Children

Fling.com also has its fair share of swingers and wife swappers and if everybody’s a consenting adult, who’s complaining? The social media following on this site is phenomenal, with followers from Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well. Strict measures are taken on this site to make sure that the members are not scammers but real people. Hence you will find the real stuff here.


There are a few options for silver and gold members, sliver members can expect to pay $24.95/ month on a per month basis, three months for $16.65, and $8.85 for a year. Similarly, gold memberships are available at $34.95/ month, $19.98 for a three-month period, and a measly $6.67 per month for an entire eighteen months. The memberships have to be purchased with a single payment.


All standard payment methods are accepted, including VISA, MasterCard, and your debit/credit card.


With its huge social media presence, Fling.com is not something you can keep under wraps if you connect through social media channels. Apart from this, the site ensures that your personal information is kept safe and that you also take adequate measures against handing out or sharing sensitive personal information which can in the future lead to problems, either at home or with the bank.


Fling.com appears to be THE adult dating website; it doesn’t titillate or make a fuss about what it is up to. It wants its members to engage in casual no strings attached dating and more. Interracial dating is on the rise too, thanks to Fling.com, and many people have also found a long-term partner through a one-night stand, strange though as it may sound.


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