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There are plenty of dating sites available nowadays, each tailored for a specific kind of need. And www.pof.com claims to have more relationships and dates, as well as active members than other sites dedicated to the same culture. It started way back in 2003, and now can boast of being one of the largest dating sites the world over.It manages around 2.4 billion page visits each month. Loosely translated, pof.com stands for Plenty of Fish, which is what you’ll find once you visit their site. Imagine 10 million persons having conversations on a website, that too a niche one and I would imagine it to be quite a successful one, judging by its phenomenal rise since the last fifteen years. Different people visit www.pof.com, some for company, others for sex and the rest for a FYB connection. At any point of time you’ll find over three million active users, quite a huge number, and if you assume the gender ratio to be 60:40 in favour of men, it’s still a big deal.

Pedigree: well, it boasts an impressive one, having won the Dating Sites Reviews.com awards for Singles Choice, Innovation and overall performance in 2015, and scooping up the Free as well as the Single’s Choice awards for last year.


Upon entering the home page, if you’re a new user, you’ll be asked to fill out your personal information as truthfully as you can. I say this because in the case of you meeting up with a cougar you like, she will not appreciate the false information you provided on the website at all and likely walk out the door. Important fields of information that serve as filters as well are the username you choose, your ethnicity, date of birth, and the country you hail from. The initial login and sign up shouldn’t take more than half an hour at the most, asking you both open as well as close ended questions to answer on a page. The best part is reserved for the ending, where you’re asked to write something interesting and attractive about yourself in 100 characters. However, be forewarned, Pof.com is not your straight forward, pants down website, and written sexual content in the profile will result in getting your account deleted. This definitely indicates that pof.com is here for the long run, having its focus on burgeoning as well as developing serious relationships, with their focus set on serious dating. Those seeking casual encounters would be better off with other websites which are equally popular because they make no pretensions about why they are in business and making a profit as well.

The Chemistry Test:

This feature is in my opinion, one of the best and most innovative things that a dating site can derive from its developers.  The POF Chemistry predictor, or (POFCP), is a measure of five important characteristics, or determinants of human behaviour which make him a social being.

  • Self-confidence: this shows how comfortable the person is with his own self.
  • Orientation towards the family: this is a new addition and measures how focussed the person is towards his family.
  • Social dependency and openness: as implied, it tries to gauge how much a person depends on others and how open he is about himself.
  • SelfControl: this is a very important parameter, especially on a semi-anonymous dating website. It matters if the person has enough self-control over himself so as to be able to exert it in front of others as well as restrain himself in trying situations.
  • Easy-going attitude: the higher you score on this, the better are your chances of snaring a good looking sugar mama. People naturally open up to responsive people, and the conversation takes on a natural and personal tone.

Till date, more than 3.5 million visitors to this site have taken this test to get to know themselves better and how to improve on their weak spots.

The functionality: Just as intuitive as it gets. You can move with the speed of a gazelle through the various pages, as you search for your ideal match. For getting in touch with the members of the site and messaging them, seven different ways are there for you. You can search by who is online, by location, new users (very enticing), and also with your favourites as well as contact list. The Alert Centre at the top will send you notifications from interested members. You will also find the Meet Me as well as the message centre below the notification panel. Because it’s free, messaging to and fro between members is quite common. The founder, Markus Frind responds to your first message as a way of introduction.

Important features:

  • Ultra meet: It allows a list of most probable matches. When you choose ultra-meet, you’re probably going to hit it off in the first 50 matches, as Frind claims.
  • Meet Me: This is not much different from Tinder, where you go through the member pool pictures and chose yes, maybe or no as your response.
  • Relation Needs Assessment: This is a fun way of knowing yourself better with a set of 50 questions (multiple choice), and is focused on nine factors; self-sufficiency, communication skills, interdependence, readiness for a relationship, sexuality, preferred expressions that you use to express affection, attitude about love, intimacy and conflict resolution as well.

Privacy: The site does not perform criminal background checks, or even ID confirmation, making it difficult to make sure that you’re in safe territory. However, it does ask you not to share too much personal information, but then, no website can.

Point of interest: According to a survey, in 2014, along with an interview with the founder, it was discovered that a staggering 85% of traffic comes from the app version of the website.

Pricing: For a free account, you need not pay anything, for two months , it’s $18.59 a month, and 4 months cost you $13.39 (a 29% savings). If you want to go the distance, you should subscribe for 8 months, where you merely pay $10.68 a month with a massive saving of 43%.

All in all, this is one of the best adult dating sites out there, and the main reason is that it has cashed in as early as 2003, that’s what I call a soothsayer.


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