Why the Tinder App Could Be the Best Hookup App?

The internet has forever changed the way we look at love and dating. With the proliferation of dating apps, it is hard to pick out a top-rated adult app that will do justice to our desires. However as far as an adult dating app is concerned, Tinder has all the bases covered. Tinder stands out as one of the best hookup apps out there, an app that promises you to get laid if you have a little patience. Tinder makes no bones about being a hookup app and the people who use it on a regular basis have found an activity that is justifiably proportional to the amount of effort they put in.

Here are some of the enticing reasons that Tinder could be the best hookup app ever;

You get to meet a lot of women

Make no bones about it; you stand to meet a hell lot of girls and women if you are active on Tinder. You can meet as many as dozens of beautiful lasses if you choose carefully. Swiping right can often lead you to the right woman who has the same preferences as you, and once you meet, you can steam things up like never before.

The age range is sumptuous

If you are on Tinder as a desperately seeking man, be assured that you are going to meet a wide variety of women of different ages from 19-34. As a man seeking action, it augers well for you that you have such a lot of variety on your hands. You could hook up with women of your age, younger and older. You also find a lot of cougars out there on Tinder who promise to get you some of the best action in your life.

Stimulating conversation

One thing is for certain and that is you are never going to get bored talking to women on Tinder. Some of the best conversations I personally had with women were on Tinder. The woman knows that you are there for a hookup and they will rarely beat about the bush before offering you some action. The conversations can get very steamy with lots of sexual innuendo and nude pictures dominating the scene.

The sex is great

You will have superlative sex with the women you meet on Tinder. If trying new things is your forte, you will find likeminded individuals on Tinder who are open to new experiences. If my experience is anything to go by, you could be surprised at how adventurous some of these girls really are. There is no façade about them, what you see is what you get.

Go beyond sex

Some of the Tinder girls that you meet on the dating app are amazingly versatile. Besides great sex, you will find them to be good buddies too. You could travel with them to new places and also try out newer things in the relationships. One thing is for certain and that is you will never be bored while in a relationship that stemmed from Tinder. The girls on Tinder are racy, sexy, suggestive, and very open to new stuff. Their sassiness and boldness are going to come across as very refreshing.

The women are well-traveled

The women on Tinder are well-traveled in their relationships. Most of them have had numerous flings and hookups with lots of different men so there are no pretensions with them. On a lot of occasions while on Tinder, I was pleasantly surprised by how forthcoming the ladies are. Many a time, they broached the topic of sex in the very first meeting and made no bones about why they were interested in meeting me.

Go anywhere

Tinder is a great app when it comes to meeting women who are comfortable meeting anywhere to meet you. They will be as comfortable in a top-class restaurant as they will be in a small bar. They are not overly conscious about where they go for the date, as long as it leads to some meaningful action later on in the night.

Quick to catch on

If your intention is only to get laid, the women on Tinder are quick to catch on to the fact. Not that they will deride you fir it, but there are two types of women out there; those who want a relationship and those who want a hookup. You will get your fair mix of these two types and it is up to you as to what will be your chosen path. Tinder is not a boring place and you are sure to get women for hookups.

Have an interesting bio

The first thing to have in Tinder is an interesting bio. As the bio speaks for yourself, ensure that you have good and attractive pictures of yourself and an interesting write up that will attract the chicks like a magnet. Having an irresistible bio will ensure that women find you attractive and once their interest is roused, it could lead to some very meaningful romps in between the bedsheets. Also, you are required to have a clear judgment as there will be trashy profiles of women out there too. You have to be the judge and sift the chalk from the cheese.


The best thing about Tinder is that it is a completely anonymous app. This counts for a lot if you are dating on the sly as no one would get to know if you are on the app or not. If you have a family and a reputation to protect, take advantage of the anonymity offered by Tinder and get some action on the side. The reason why Tinder works so successfully is that it gets real people to talk to real people and then get familiar. You can have sex without a worry in the world because there are no expectations from the hookup, apart from a wild night in bed. This takes the cake as far as online dating is concerned. Welcome to the brave new world of Tinder.

Would You Call Out A Man On Adult Dating Apps?

Adult Dating, as the name itself suggests, it involves two adults dating each other. And when two adults are dating each other, they have to be matured enough to handle the entire relationship sensitively leading to something fruitful and meaningful in their life. But at times even adults are bound to behave childishly, insensitively or simply rudely. If you find yourself in such a puddle while dating a guy on an adult dating app, don’t think twice before calling out the man. 

people dating using adult dating app

We have come up with some situations where calling out a man is completely justifiable, even when the man is hell bound to prove you crazy or insane. You need not need to feel guilty about it as it is your life and reigns of your life should always be in your hands. 

If he is not responding to your texts or calls like a decent human being!

It is something very funny with guys that when you confront them for not responding to your texts or calls or taking forever to reply to your message, they think you are crazy. On top of it they start avoiding you more because of this crazy behavior without understanding that if they would have responded to your message like a decent human being on the first place, this situation would have been completely preventable. So if you have come across such a guy on any of the adult apps, don’t feel guilty in screwing him. 

When a third person also has some space in the picture!

On internet websites with offers like adult dating for free has encouraged many men to date multiple people. If you are dating a person thinking everything between your two is going fine with a decent future and suddenly person drops the bomb of dating someone else also, it’s time to call out the man. You might be getting sincere about this entire dating thing, dreaming of a future with the person. He doesn’t have any right to pull the rug beneath your feet without any warning to you. You have complete right to get pissed off and call it quits. 

When he is breaking promises constantly!

Ok! You people have met on an adult dating app but when you have reached the stage of making promises to each other, this clearly shows both of you have sincere intentions of taking the relationship forward. Making a promise regarding anything means that thing is important for both of you. If the person is breaking his promise again and again and disappointing you, you have full right to go crazy, confront him and call out on him. A man who cannot keep his promises can’t be trusted for long-time commitment. 

Most of the time he is flaking out on plans for no good reason!

If you are dating a guy and he is flaking out the plans made without any excuse or with terrible excuses then you have full right to call out the man. In the adult, dating plans are made with mutual consent and a person has no right to be insensitive enough to flake out the plan with silly reasons. In any relationship, respect is as important as love, affection, and care. And this attitude of the man clearly shows he has no respect for your feelings, expectations, and for the fact that you are taking out time to make the plan work with him. 

When he says nasty or cruel things to you or about people associated with you!

Being in love or being in a relationship never means you bear with all the crap that comes on your way. If the person is being crappy, saying nasty or cruel things about you or about people whom you love then you have full right to get angry and call out the man. Again, a man who cannot give you respect, cannot give you true love. He may call you crazy for your act of break up but it is only because of the fact that he does not have the decency to apologize to you. So just ignore and move on in your life to someone who respects you and your life. 

single woman using adult dating app

When he cannot take your no for his whiny advances for sex!

Some men have a high and stubborn male ego and they cannot take your no for sexual advances. You may have declined his advances because you are tired, you are not feeling well, you are not comfortable or you feel it is too early. No matter what reason it is, no always means a no and you should not feel guilty about it. If the man is not able to handle you no with maturity, it is his problem and not yours. You have full right to call out the man.